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  • What Is The Generic Name For Lotrimin?
    YouTube Video
    What Is The Generic Name For Lotrimin?
    Lotrimin browse our selection of personal care products for hygiene, health, first aid and more. Html url? Q webcache. Lotrimin topical cream drug summary.
  • What is a Troche & How to Take Them
    YouTube Video
    What is a Troche & How to Take Them
    Kathleen at Envizion Medical explains what a troche is, and to correctly take them.
  • Antifungal agent - Medical Definition
    YouTube Video
    Antifungal agent - Medical Definition Antifungal agent Antifungal agent: A drug used to treat fungal infections. Examples of antifungal drugs include miconazole ...
  • 04 Diflucan.avi
    YouTube Video
    04 Diflucan.avi
    TVC series "Life and the City" for Pfizer's ( anticandidal drug - DIFLUCAN. Concept is based on the style of the TV series "Sex and ...
  • How Does Vigora Improve Erections?
    YouTube Video
    How Does Vigora Improve Erections? explanation video for vigora 100 red tablets used for male impotence treatment. Vigora® (Sildenafil Citrate) is a ...

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