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  • notre dame cathedral, historical structure, western europe ... September 18, 2018
    notre dame cathedral, historical structure, western europe - Stock Photo(No.11712751). Find images exactly you are looking for from more than 35,600,000 of ...
  • Architecture of cathedrals and great churches - Wikipedia September 16, 2018
    Among these types of buildings the cathedral is probably the best known, to the extent that the word “cathedral” is sometimes mistakenly applied as a ...
  • Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris — Wikipédia September 16, 2018
    Les gargouilles furent posées systématiquement sur les structures hautes de Notre-Dame vers 1240. Certains calcaires du bassin de la Seine ...
  • Kathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris – Wikipedia September 15, 2018
    Die katholische Kirche Notre-Dame de Paris („Unsere Liebe Frau von Paris“) ist die Kathedrale des Erzbistums Paris. Die Unserer Lieben Frau, also der ...
  • Notre-Dame de Paris - Wikipedia September 14, 2018
    Notre-Dame de Paris (French: [nɔtʁə dam də paʁi] ( listen); meaning "Our Lady of Paris"), also known as Notre-Dame Cathedral or simply Notre-Dame, is a medieval Catholic cathedral on the Île de la Cité in the fourth arrondissement of Paris, France.
  • Notre-Dame de Paris | cathedral, Paris, France ... September 13, 2018
    Notre-Dame de Paris, also called Notre-Dame Cathedral, cathedral church in Paris, France. It is the most famous of the Gothic cathedrals of the Middle Ages and is distinguished for its size, antiquity, and architectural interest.
  • Notre-Dame de Paris (Paris ( 4 th ), 1240) | Structurae September 12, 2018
    Notre-Dame de Paris is a rib vault and church that was built from 1177 until 1240. The project is located in Paris ( 4th), Paris, Ile-de-France, France.The architectural style is gothic.
  • Notre-Dame de Paris (Paris ( 4.), 1240) | Structurae September 6, 2018
    Notre-Dame de Paris ist ein(e) ... Mary Ann Sullivan: Tympana of the West Front, Notre Dame (the Cathedral of Paris) ... Structure-ID 20000272; Erstellt am
  • Notre Dame Cathedral - WikiArquitectura August 26, 2018
    The cathedral underwent many changes and restorations, the most significant undertaken in 1844 by Viollet-le-Duc and Baptiste Lassus, which lasted 23 years. More recently, in 1965, excavations under the cathedral revealed the existence of the catacombs of Roman and medieval rooms. Victor Hugo wrote in his 1831 novel “Notre Dame de Paris”.
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris: Gothic Architecture January 25, 2011
    Architecture of Notre-Dame Cathedral. The cathedral is roughly 128 metres (420 ft) in length, and 12 metres (39 ft) wide in the nave. Its cruciform plan, elevated nave, transept and tower were borrowed from 11th-century Romanesque architecture, but its pointed arches and rib vaulting were strictly Gothic.