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  • How to Get Your Band Successful: 15 Steps (with Pictures) May 20, 2018
    Use your profile to comment on your favourite bands’ pages and tell them that they have inspired your band, e.g. “Keep the good music coming! Thanks for inspiring our band.” This is also a subtle way of advertising, as it encourages the band’s fans to check out your music. Encourage people to add you through social media sites.
  • 5 Tips To Help Your Band Become Successful — Songstuff May 20, 2018
    Take a look at what successful bands do for promo, the venues they play etc, and then do something similar, play at the same venues etc. You don't need to exactly copy the idea, just the actions involved. Get to know other local bands. This allows you to benefit from each other's experience and contacts.
  • The Difference Between A Successful Band, And YOUR Band! September 4, 2015
    Ever wondered why your band struggles to even get pub gigs, yet a fresh new band is packing out venues from day one? Fed up of having to resort to Pay2Play ...
  • How To: Become A Successful Band Manager - May 13, 2018
    Learn about How To: Become A Successful Band Manager with Tom Fraser
  • How To Become A SUCCESSFUL Band!! - YouTube May 16, 2018
    Meet the wacky band "Not Plain People"!! FOLLOW JEN Instagram - https: ... How To Become A SUCCESSFUL Band!! Jen Bales. Loading ...
  • Becoming a Great Band - No Treble
    Make a point to visually communicate with your other band mates, you’ll be amazed at how much this one little change can help. 2. Understand your role in the band. My first serious band was a punk rock group – loud, driving bass lines punctuated with mosh pits and flailing around on stage.
  • Why It's Harder to Be a Successful Musician Than Ever ... February 15, 2018
    Metal Sucks Why It’s Harder to Be a Successful ... Why It’s Harder to Be a Successful Musician Than Ever Before. ... Music has become a ...
  • The Difference Between a Successful Band, and Your Band ... May 18, 2018
    This guide covers the importance of planning ahead, how to gain attention for your band, and how to score those exciting opportunities that are otherw...
  • Want to Become a Marching Band Director? - Music Major ...
    And there are many ways to stay involved with music and band regardless of whether you actually attain the skills necessary to become a successful band director. Many colleges have spirit-based athletic bands that support the football team and get the crowds energized, and students don’t need to be music majors to be accepted.
  • How does my rock band become successful? - Quora
    I'm glad you asked "successful" and not "famous" as they are radically different qualities. There's lots of definitions of success and I don't know yours. I'll share mine because my rock bands have become successful (not famous). To me success is the continual achievement of your own predetermined goals, stabilized by […]