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  • Dictionary Attack on Passwords
    YouTube Video
    Dictionary Attack on Passwords
    Problems to find the number of hash computations to conduct dictionary attacks on passwords.
  • MystiCX - Work by Ciara
    YouTube Video
    MystiCX - Work by Ciara
    Concentrix Yearend Party at Atrium in Ketkai CDO - December 14, 2009.
  • The Data Closet -
    YouTube Video
    The Data Closet - "Protecting against a DDoS Attack"
    When any script kiddie with LOIC and TOR can bring an exposed service to its knees, you NEED to know how to protect yourself. The Digital Jesuit talks with F5 ...
  • How to port forward - - marvid
    YouTube Video
    How to port forward - - marvid
    This is a tut on how to port forward. This was made for by DaRKDDoSeR Team user marvid.
  • Security Now Illustrated, Episode 3: NAT Routers, Segment
    YouTube Video
    Security Now Illustrated, Episode 3: NAT Routers, Segment "D" by AskMisterWizard Click the link above for the main page and other clips in this episode. Security Now ...
  • Rabo's steunen Mollema bij pech
    YouTube Video
    Rabo's steunen Mollema bij pech
    Bauke Mollema had flink pech in de achttiende etappe, maar zijn ploeggenoten hielpen hem in tijd van nood. Juanma Garate kwam niet toe aan een speciaal ...

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