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  • Countenance Meaning
    YouTube Video
    Countenance Meaning
    Video shows what countenance means. Appearance, especially the features and expression of the face.. Favour; support; encouragement.. Superficial ...
  • Permit - Thesaurus - Synonyms - Video
    YouTube Video
    Permit - Thesaurus - Synonyms - Video
    To learn about more words and their synonyms, click here and subscribe : Video Thesaurus videos are a hand drawn explanation of words ...
  • Countenance - ESL/EFL vocabulary
    YouTube Video
    Countenance - ESL/EFL vocabulary
    This is a video brought to you by, of Andrea teaching ESL students the definition of the TOEFL vocabulary word, countenance.
  • Countenance, a word study (long)
    YouTube Video
    Countenance, a word study (long)
    Another word study before i leave for the Philippines tomorrow evening. Apologies for the long study but i do so love reading scripture. You can skip to the end ...
    YouTube Video
    This video lists out meaning of difficult English word COUNTENANCE with sentence. Also please go through my playlist "ENGLISH DICTIONARY" for meanings ...
  • Visage Meaning
    YouTube Video
    Visage Meaning
    Video shows what visage means. Countenance; appearance; one's face.. visage synonyms: Wikisaurus:countenance. visage pronunciation. How to pronounce ...
  • Countenance definition
    YouTube Video
    Countenance definition
    Julie Scott Cody English.
  • Complexion Meaning
    YouTube Video
    Complexion Meaning
    Video shows what complexion means. The combination of humours making up one's physiological "temperament", being either hot or cold, and moist or dry.
  • Genius Meaning
    YouTube Video
    Genius Meaning
    Video shows what genius means. ingenious, very clever, or original.. genius synonyms: Wikisaurus:genius. Genius Meaning. How to pronounce, definition audio ...
  • Vocabulary Made Easy  Meaning of Ample, Synonyms, Antonyms and its Usage
    YouTube Video
    Vocabulary Made Easy Meaning of Ample, Synonyms, Antonyms and its Usage
    Subscribe to Us For More Words!! Do read atleast 5 times the video to have good hold Meaning of the Word, Easy Vocabulary, Daily Vocabulary, Words Power, ...
  • Wee Meaning
    YouTube Video
    Wee Meaning
    Video shows what wee means. Small, little.. wee synonyms: wee wee, Wikisaurus:urine, Wikisaurus:urination. wee pronunciation. How to pronounce, definition ...
  • Cheer Meaning
    YouTube Video
    Cheer Meaning
    Video shows what cheer means. The face.. One's expression or countenance.. One's attitude, mood.. cheer synonyms: Wikisaurus:applause. cheer ...
  • What Is The Root Word Of Countenance??
    YouTube Video
    What Is The Root Word Of Countenance??
    Countenance definition from the kjv dictionary av1611. To holdliterally, the contents of a body; The outline and extent which constitutes meaning 1. Countenance ...
  • Corroborate - Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonym, Antonym
    YouTube Video
    Corroborate - Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonym, Antonym
    View meaning of Corroborate, pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms and example sentences. Sheels Hindi to English Dictionary
  • Mirth Meaning
    YouTube Video
    Mirth Meaning
    Video shows what mirth means. The emotion usually following humour and accompanied by laughter; merriment; jollity; gaiety.. That which causes merriment..
  • Sycophant Meaning
    YouTube Video
    Sycophant Meaning
    Video shows what sycophant means. One who uses obsequious compliments to gain self-serving favor or advantage from another; a servile flatterer.. One who ...
  • Face Meaning
    YouTube Video
    Face Meaning
    Video shows what face means. The front part of the head, featuring the eyes, nose, and mouth and the surrounding area.. One's facial expression.. The public ...
  • What Is The Meaning Of The Word Grim?
    YouTube Video
    What Is The Meaning Of The Word Grim?
    What is the meaning of the word grim? KNOW MORE ABOUT What is the meaning of the word grim? having a harsh, surly, forbidding, or morbid air: a grim man ...
  • Sapphist Meaning
    YouTube Video
    Sapphist Meaning
    Video shows what sapphist means. A lesbian.. sapphist synonyms: Wikisaurus:female homosexual. Sapphist Meaning. How to pronounce, definition audio ...
    YouTube Video
    This improves the knowledge of the children indirectly as they never know that they are learning. -

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