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  • Xtensa – Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) May 19, 2018
    Xtensa – Instruction Set Architecture (ISA)
  • Tensilica Customizable Processors - Cadence IP May 17, 2018
    With Tensilica processors, you are no longer limited to the processing that can go through the system bus. A Tensilica processor can quickly communicate control and status information or transfer streaming data without buffering. No load/store required.
  • Tensilica Instruction Extension (tie) Language Reference ... May 15, 2018
    Tensilica Inc. Tensilica Instruction Extension (TIE) Language Reference Manual. 15. Texas Instruments Inc. OMAP 5 platform. ti.com/omap. 16. Venkatesh. (retrieved April 2014). (9) CoWare Inc. LISA Language Reference Manual, 2011. (10) Tensilica Inc. Tensilica Instruction Extension (TIE) Language Reference. Automatic Flexible Length Instruction eXtension (FLI […]
  • Tensilica Instruction Extension - Wikipedia May 12, 2018
    By using TIE, the user can customize the Xtensa architecture by adding custom instructions and register files, instantiating TIE Ports and Queues for multiprocessor communication, and adding pre-configured extensions (such as Tensilica's DSP).
  • Optimize with TIE | Cadence IP May 11, 2018
    TIE helps you get orders of magnitude performance increases out of your processor design. See our example below. A designer creates a TIE file defining new functions and data types using the TIE development and analysis tools in Xtensa Xplorer.
  • Tensilica - Embedded Insights May 11, 2018
    In Tensilica processors, these operations are implemented with a software emulation library. The "Double-Precision Floating Point Emulation Acceleration" application note presents a small set of TIE instructions and states that can be used for speeding up the existing double-precision software emulation.
  • Adding Custom Instructions to Tensilica DSPs - IMS May 10, 2018
    Adding Custom Instructions to Tensilica DSPs ... •The TIE Language is used to describe instruction extensions at a high level of abstraction
  • Tensilica Configurable Processors - ra.ziti.uni-heidelberg.de May 8, 2018
    (TIE: Tensilica Instruction Extension) 3 Möglichkeiten für mehr Performance Eigene Befehle (Fused Instructions) Parallele Ausführung auf mehreren Daten ...
  • IMS - Tensillica Day 2016 May 7, 2018
    > IMS-Aktivitäten > Tensilica Day > Tensillica Day 2016 IMS. Aktuelles; Institut; Studium; Forschung; IMS-Aktivitäten. Tensilica Day. Tensillica Day 2018;
  • Tensilica - Wikipedia May 7, 2018
    Tensilica was a company based in Silicon Valley in the semiconductor intellectual property core business. It is now a part of Cadence Design Systems.